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5 Biden-Friendly Warren Buffett Stocks to Load Up On –

A new year brings fresh promise and fresh uncertainty. With new leadership in the White House, investors are also expecting a change in policies as well. However, if you want to play it safe, you should invest in Warren Buffett stocks.

The Oracle of Omaha consistently ranks highly on Forbes‘ list of billionaires. He has a meticulous strategy for evaluating value stocks and investing. That’s why you cannot go wrong if you track Warren Buffett stocks.

However, what can potentially throw a monkey wrench in the works is the Biden administration. The new president has a clear vision for the country and the economy. Hence, not every company in the Berkshire portfolio will do well under the new regime. Buffett is a pretty nimble investor, so don’t expect him to miss a trick here. He remains bullish on his investments and the role of the U.S. as the growth engine of the world.

But it goes without saying that certain Warren Buffett stocks will do better than others during the new administration.

Here are five such picks:

  • Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO)
  • General Motors (NYSE:GM)
  • Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ)
  • T-Mobile US (NASDAQ:TMUS)
  • Moody’s Corp. (NYSE:MCO)

Warren Buffett Stocks: Coca-Cola (KO)


We start our list with the largest and most valuable soda brand in the world. Buffett spent $1.3 billion to buy 400 million shares of Coca-Cola in 1988 and has held the position ever since.