CRO Token

2021 Goodies from – USD 300,000 in CRO – AMBCrypto News, a popular cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Hong Kong, has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of its userbase due to its ease of operation and popular products.

Their exchange token, Coin [CRO] can be staked to earn rewards and recently they announced the launch of Crossfire, the Chain mainnet dry run aimed at stress testing the network ahead of a public release. The community was invited to register and become validators on the network.

The top 10 participants, according to their score, will be awarded CRO worth 13,000 USD at the end of the competition. Apart from this, CRO worth 300,000 USD will be rewarded to participants for fulfilling tasks in each phase of the competition. Referral bonuses of USD 50 can be earned for sharing the news with your friends, and the Chain Quiz on Twitter will see winners earn 100 USD worth of CRO each week.

Kickstart the new year with CRO rewards – Sign up to become a validator on Crossfire to share USD 300,000 in CRO

The Crossfire mainnet dry run is a competition running on the Chain network. It has a prize pool of 300,000 USD worth of CRO tokens. Participants are awarded these tokens upon active participation in different tasks in the competition.

The registration period began on 17th December 2020 and will end on