News Integrates Bison Trails Ahead of Upcoming Mainnet – Business Partnerships – Altcoin Buzz Integrates Bison Trails Ahead of Upcoming Mainnet recently announced that it has partnered with Bison Trails ahead of its upcoming mainnet launch.

Bison Trails will provide support for validator nodes for the testnet and upcoming mainnet of the Chain. As a service, the Bison Trails’ infrastructure will also assist validators to safely and easily run nodes.

This integration comes after Chain recently announced Crossfire, its mainnet dry-run. Besides, Bison Trails is known for having a strong infrastructure platform that is known for decentralizing nodes across cloud regions and providers. With Bison Trails, validator nodes will be able to sign transaction blocks with high throughput and low latency on the Chain. To Work Closely With Bison Trails

Bison Trails and will work closely to support other popular protocols like Diem, Tezos, and Cosmos. Bison Trails will aid in the removal of the technical requirements that are needed by validators to run nodes on proof-of-stake networks, which feature the risk of slashing occurring. CEO