2020 in review: Cointelegraph art team limited edition NFT drop – Cointelegraph

When you ask someone what superpower they’d most like to have, they usually come up with the ability to fly, or to read thoughts, or maybe to see through multiple layers of clothing.

This year, all we wanted was the ability to hibernate.

Imagine! Going to sleep sometime around the Australian wildfires… taking a peek outside in mid-March and thinking “Ooooh, no, not sure about this at all” and cuddling up in a warm, happy bed until the U.S. election was over.

But think what you would have missed in crypto! 2020 was another decade-in-a-year for the industry, packed full of characters who charmed, hackers who harmed, and degens who farmed.

To celebrate a year that ended on a high note for hodlers, the Cointelegraph team of artists has created a poster-sized limited edition NFT commemorating some of the biggest stories of 2020. It’s titled “In crypto, hindsight is 20/20 and is available for just 0.02020 ETH.

Naturally, there will only ever be 2,020 copies.

get your 20/20 hindsight limited edition nft here

How many of the stories can you spot? We’ll get you off to a start with a few of our favorites…

January: Telegram vs. the SEC

Here’s a story that could have been featured in any one of the first few months of the year. The Securities and Exchange Commission took issue with Telegram’s $1.7 billion private sale, and eventually Pavel Durov gave up on launching the network.

Although the technology didn’t die — it was resurrected and just