Bitcoin Rewards Come to Supercharger! – Product Release & Updates – Altcoin Buzz

Bitcoin Rewards Come to Supercharger! recently announced that Bitcoin (BTC) is now listed on Supercharger, a one-click liquidity mining platform.

To participate in this offer on Supercharger, users are to sign up for an account on the exchange or app. When users on the exchange and app deposit CRO tokens into the Supercharger pool, they become eligible to earn Bitcoin rewards.

BTC Supercharger Event Details

On the exchange and app, the BTC Supercharger event started on Sunday, the 29th of November. Users that have participated in the DOT Supercharger event, which ended at 10:00 am on the 29th of November, can still participate. When they deposit their CRO into the Supercharger pool, it will automatically be carried over to the BTC event. In this case, they can be able to farm BTC with a total allocation of USD 250,000.

The charging duration spans from 12:00pm November 29 – 12:00pm UTC December 29, 2020. During these 30 days, users will be able to deposit and withdraw from the Supercharger pool. Participants who choose to withdraw their CRO deposits from the pool are free to do so at any time in this period.

Also, participants are free to make multiple deposits throughout this period. These activities attract no gas fees during this Charging Period. Participants should also note