Edward Snowden Buying Bitcoin Because of ‘Too Much Panic, Too Little Reason’ – BeInCrypto

Famous whistleblower Edward Snowden has come out and said that he is thinking about buying Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is currently down some 15.56% on the daily and is trading for around $5,600 after a record-breaking drop Thursday. Some Bitcoin believers are not deterred, however, like Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden Thinks It’s Buy Time

Edward Snowden is a popular fellow traveler of the cryptocurrency industry. Best known for exposing the secrets about U.S. spying programs, he has been on the run for some time in Russia and is correctly protected under asylum. Last year, he tried publishing his book which the U.S. government said it would seize any profits from. He thought this made a clear case of why we need independent, fungible money outside of state control.

He’s also been something of a controversial figure, consistently praising Zcash

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Edward Snowden ZCash

Recently, it seems like Snowden has been paying