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Cloud Token and the Rise of MLM Crypto Projects | Featured Bitcoin News – Bitcoin News

Chinese law enforcement recently busted 72 individuals connected to the Cloud Token (CTO) scam. The Ponzi was similar to the Plustoken fraud and CTO scammers made off with $500 million. According to regional press, the CTO scam artists are likely connected to the Plustoken swindlers. Moreover, after the Cloud Token arrests in China, police in Inner Mongolia warned the public about another MLM crypto project.

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Cloud Token and Plustoken: The Rise of the Ponzi Scheme Wallets

In 2018, the cryptocurrency community was introduced to a project called Cloud Token. Similar to the Ponzi scheme Plustoken, CTO called itself the first online wallet that could integrate all the popular crypto assets out there today. The creators claimed CTO was a ‘4.0 blockchain project’ and the wallet held USDT, TUSD, BCH, CTO,